Glossier: Phase 2 & Balm dotcom

If you’ve never heard of Glossier you’ve been missing out in your life. It’s a company that started off with skincare and then began diving into makeup also.

They first dropped their Phase 1 set and added some more products, then dropped Phase 2. Phase 2 was all about their makeup. They’re products were sold out for what seemed like forever. They’re not a huge company so their restocks took longer than most companies. So the moment Glossier restocked a while back I immediately ordered stuff. I ordered the Phase 2 set, an extra concealer, and a cherry balm dotcom.

The day it arrived I couldn’t open it fast enough. Inside the box was a cute quote reminding us all how important skincare is!

Processed with VSCO with q1 preset

The products came in a nice sturdy white box with their signature G on the top; which I now use for storage so it was a pleasant surprise. Inside the box was all my new treasures in a cute reusable pink bubble wrap ziplock bag. I use this bag now for my makeup in my purse. It’s perfect for holding everything while keeping it from dirtying my purse at all.Processed with VSCO with q4 preset

They also included a poster, a card, and lots of adorable stickers that you can use to decorate your products or anything else to show off your Glossier love!

As for the products just the packaging is perfection! Classic, simple, and chic.

The Phase 2 set comes with the Bow Brow, Generation G lipstick, and Stretch Concealer and costs $50.

The Boy Brow:

This is basically a moussey brow gel that I use in two different ways. One way is multiple quick brushes through the brows as the only product for a quick easy brow day. The other way is use a brow pencil to define the brow shape, then run Boy Brow to dark and bolden the brows while also taiming the hairs to perfection. I use the Brown shade, it does only come in Blond, Brown, and Black. The only thing I don’t like about this product is if you rub your finger on your brow some residue comes off. This runs $16 individually.

Generation G:

This lipstick is amazing! It’s so creamy and while it’s not extremely pigmented at first it reminds me of a stain where the color develops with a little time. It’s also super long wearing because it’s like it soaks into your lips. There are 4 shades, this one is Like. I need the other 3! These are $18 each.

Stretch Concealer:

I bought two of these without even trying it. I heard such great things about it I bought two in case they sold out! It’s best used with just a finger, the warmth from your skin helps melt it into the skin. It’s not insane coverage like this tired girl needs so sometimes I have to layer it which can make it more apt to creasing so you need to set it. The only thing I don’t like about this product is the shade selection is lacking. I have shade light which seems a little too light but medium would be way too dark. To compensate I use a highlighting powder such as Anastasia’s BH banana to help balance it out. I do want to get a darker shade and try to highlight and contour with them. This product is super convenient for on the go and are $18 a piece.

balm dotcom (Cherry):

This product reminds me a lot of the Vaseline lip products, the consistency and color payoff is very similar. It’s a thick and kind of gooey product but keeps your lips from getting dehydrated. It’s a good product for in the winter and an easy, quick makeup day. They have a couple different options and run $12 each.


Overall, I would say snatch all of these! All of these products are great for every day use on a full makeup or no makeup day. The prices are reasonable, and you’ll find yourself liking them more and more with each use…at least I did!


Have you tried any Glossier products? If so what are your thoughts? What is a new company find for you? Reply below!

Lusting over Lust 004💋


Like many Pat McGrath fans I was stalking her page for the day I could get those eye grabbing glitter lips that we had seen Bella Hadid rocking. I recall one video where the sparkle was so intense it was throwing the camera out of focus…I was in love!

The first question was how much, the next question was what shade. When I first saw the price tag I about died, till I really thought about it. $60 seems like a crazy high price; but considering its two lipsticks, a gloss, and two different glitters $60 didn’t seem that bad.

There were three shades released: Bloodwine, Vermillion Venom, and Flesh. The purchase options were a kit for $60 (2 lipsticks, the gloss, the glitter, and a gold glitter pigment), one lipsticks for $25, or the everything kit for $150 (all lipstick shades, all three glitters, one gloss, and one gold glitter pigment).

I decided I wanted to order Flesh and I couldn’t wait for it to go live on Sephora so I promptly purchased it through the Pat McGrath Labs website. I could have jumped for joy like a child on Christmas morning when I received my confirmation email. I too would have Pat McGrath mesmerizing glitter lips!

A week passed, then two, and I had still not received any shipping information. It was at this time I discovered through Instagram I was not alone. I reached out to their Customer Service and got a response a couple days later saying it had been shipped out with a tracking number. Then the day came, it was delivered! When I opened my package it was not excitement I felt but large disappointment; they sent me the wrong kit! Instead of Flesh, I received Bloodwine, which don’t get me wrong is beautiful but the total opposite of what I was wanting. I immediately emailed customer service, got a sorry and thank you for your patience email, but then didn’t hear back for weeks. After discovering my mis-shipment I went to Instagram and found that I was one of many, all being Bloodwine and Flesh. It was at this time that I ordered a Flesh through Sephora to ensure I’d get the product I wanted just in case they couldn’t replace it and offered my money back (Sephora has an amazing return policy so I could always take it back when the problem got handled).

After a few weeks of nothing I finally sent an email to them explaining the situation and my frustration with how the problem was being handled. I got a response apologizing for the problem and it not being handled properly. It also included a new shipment information of my correct one being sent. I even got to keep the mistake item so in a way I lucked out with two for one (with the price of a small headache).

But enough about how I got them, we are all here for one reason…the review and swatches!

This product like all Pat McGrath products came in a bag filled with sequins; super fun but super messy!


Lust 004: Flesh


The lipsticks: They are both super creamy and pigmented making application one swipe. I found them hard to get a perfect edge though due to the rounded shape of the applicator. I really like Flesh 2 but Flesh 1 seemed to settle into every crack in my lips within a few hours and looked poorly. They are not long lasting and transfer easily.

The gloss: Crazy thick, crazy shiny, crazy sticky.

The gold and glitter pigment: They both were extremely hard to get out of the container at first. I had to use a needle to poke into the lid holes just to get the product out. I think it’s from so much being packed into the container so that’s good but very irritating to use. The gold mixed nice with the gloss for a gooey gold but it’s not as pure of a gold as I hoped for. The glitter is not the easiest nor cleanest to apply. It’s very beautiful once applied and sparkles in the light perfectly. The glitter does flake off and is not long lasting especially if eating or drinking anything. It also takes some getting used to, it’s a constant feeling that you’re about to eat glitter. A trick taken from Pat is to use scotch tape to clean up any loose glitter that has fallen on the face; it works very effectively.


Lust 004: Bloodwine


The lipsticks: Just as creamy and pigmented at the Flesh kit. Neither of these lipsticks settled like Flesh 1. They are both great lipsticks for fall and winter; I especially love the red Bloodwine 1 shade. Being the same formula as the others these shades transfer easily also so you have to reapply after eating.

The gloss: The same shiny, thick, sticky gloss as the other kits.

The gold and glitter pigments: This gold pigment is the same one as the other kits so I now have two. The Bloodwine glitter container frustration is the same as the Flesh kit but it’s such a beautiful glitter you can’t help but love it. It’s so dynamic with bright reds and dark deep reds that makes it undupable. One thing I do want to point out is both are finely miled so it’s not chunks of glitter sitting on your lips.



-I think the lipsticks with glitter would have been longer wearing if they were liquid lipsticks rather than creamy.

-The glitters are beautiful but difficult to apply and wear long term.

-Not for everyday wear due to the easily transferring

-I absolutely hate sticky gloss so I’m not a fan even though it’s so shiny!

-Messy application

-BUT amazingly beautiful and eye catching!

Although you get many products the price just isn’t worth it unless you are going to buy both lipsticks at $25 each. I wore Bloodwine to a concert and it looked awesome but I couldn’t wait to get the glitter off; great for special occasions but probably not for all day. If you’re into glitter lips I would check out cheaper options before purchasing these kits.img_4877

Did you pick up any Lust 004 kits? Do you own any Pat McGrath products? What are your thoughts on the glitter lips trend? Reply below!

Sephora VIB Rouge Event Haul 🛍

A couple weeks ago I got the opportunity to go to the Sephora VIB Rouge Fall 2016 Event. At this event we got access to some holiday items early along with getting 4x the points! Needless to say I took it as my opportunity to purchase some of the things I’ve been wanting along with a few new things. 

Check out the items I purchased below!

Detox “Dry Shampoo”This stuff smells amazing! I’ve been using it even on clear hair days to add body. 


Anastasia Beverly Hills “Brow Definer”This is a favorite product of mine that I needed to repurchase. One of my main go-to products.


Marc Jacobs “The (Nude)ist Set”This set has two Sheer Gel Lipsticks (in shades Screen Test and Role Play) and a (P)outliner Longwear Lipliner (in shade Prime(rose) ). 


Farmacy “Perennial Picks Skincare Discovery Set”This set includes the New Day Exfolianting Grains, Invincible rose cell anti-aging serum, Rise ‘N Shine daily moisturizer lock, Sleep Tight firming night balm, and an adorable metal tray!


Lit Cosmetics “Liquid Metals Lit Kit”This kit includes two mini brushed used to best apply the glitter and glue, a small Clearly Liquid Glitter Glue, and a glitter (in shade Addicted). 


Becca Cosmetics Blush In shade Wild Honey. 


Marc Jacobs “#instamarc” Contour PowderThis compact is in shade 40- Mirage Filter. 


Birthday Gift “fresh. set”This set includes deluxe samples of the Soy Face Cleanser and Rose Face Mask. 


Sephora “Rose and Shea lip masks”I stocked up on these because they’re always out of stock online!


Bite Beauty “The Perfect Bite”This set included mini Amuse Bouche Lipsticks (in shades Fig, Pepper, Honeycomb, and Nori). 


VIB Rouge Freebie SetThis set includes a cute makeup bag, belief aqua bomb, they’re Real mini mascara, dr. brandt microdermabrasion exfoliant, Origins VitaZing SPF 15, Alter Cologne “Mandarine Glaciale, beautyblender “beautycleanser solid”, the Estée Edit two “Lip Flip and Mattified Lipstick” samples, and fresh. “Soy Face Cleanser, Rose Face Mask, and Lotus Yourh Preserve Face Cream”. 


What items should I review first? Reply below!

Milani blushes

I picked both of these up on a whim but on seperate occasions. I purchased the powder blush first when I was at Walgreens picking up a few things and the beautiful rose caught my eye. Then a couple weeks later I happened to see the baked one and it looked so shimmery and beautiful. Being drugstore products I didn’t see any harm in giving them a shot due to their low price point.

They both come in gold packaging with clear lids that click shut, along with the informational sticker on the back. 
  The rose design is so cool it makes me want to buy more just because they’re so unique. Romantic Rose is such a natural looking pink that you can wear it anytime with any look. 

The Baked Blush has the most gorgeous shimmer to it. When you smile your checks just shine! This color is great for everyday simple looks. It’s great for spring and summer too! It’s the type of blush you don’t need other makeup on, you can just sweep this across your cheeks and it will look beautiful.   One great thing that the Baked Blush had that the Powder doesn’t is a mirror and it comes with a brush. I personally am not a fan of these brushes for blush but a free brush is a free brush! This is the type of product you throw in your purse and use to touch up mid day.

These blushes aren’t crazy pigmented, which I like! I love a subtle flush of color on my checks and this does exactly that. They can be powdery which is the only downside I see. While it does wear off slightly throughout the day, for the price point it is completely worth it. 

Have any of you tried Milani blushes? What’s you’re favorite blush? Reply below!

Birthday Fun Look 🍭

Today is my birthday! To celebrate I wanted to do a super fun look using some of my new and favorite products! 

On my eyes: 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Pencil 1 as base

the new Dose of Colors Eyescream Palette (berries n cream, cone, hot fudge, blueberry swirl, and lavender honey on top lid. Cone and double scoop on bottom lid. Bubblegum in inner highlight.)

Ardell Tri Lashes Medium with House of Lashes glue

Kylie Cosmetics Posie liner in water line

On Brows:

Anastasia Brow Definer in Medium and brow gel

On Face: 

Murad Invisiblur SPF primer

Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation in Fair

Makeup Forever HD concealer shade Y23

Becca Flowerchild and Milani Rose 01 blush

Physicans Formula Butter Bronzer

Anastasia Moonchild Glow Kit (all shades but Lucky Clover) 

Anastasia Contour Kit Banana Powder

Kat Von D Translucent Powder

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray


On Lips:

Kylie Cosmetics Candy K Lip Liner

Kat Von D Reqium Liquid Lipstick

Kylie Cosmetics Poppin’ Gloss


~All Morphe Brushes


This look was inspired by cotton candy and swirl lollipops you’d find at kids parties. 


What are your new and favorite products? Reply below!

Liebster Award! 

Liebster award nomination! Wow me?!

I’ve seen a few blogs I follow be nominated for this award but I never expected to be nominated myself! I was nominated by Blue Dresser Beauty. She’s a beautiful girl who’s got a great page filled with various reviews and how-tos! Be sure to go check her out!


1. Post 11 facts about yourself

2. Answer 11 questions from your nominator

3. Nominate 11 other blogs with under 200 followers and ask them 11 questions (let them know you nominated them)

11 Facts to get to know me:

1. I’m turning 22 on September 1st

2. I recently graduated from Xavier University back in May

3. I have a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing and a minor in Deaf Studies

4. I just moved from Ohio to Michigan

5. I have a cat named Marilyn (Mar) for short. She’s more like a dog than a cat! Slowly becoming cat lady. 

6. I have one sister 

7. I didn’t get into makeup till college. Honestly I used eyeliner only in middle school (dark bottom waterline only) and expanded to mascara in high school with a bold cat eye wing (big step, I know!)

8. I recently chopped 10 inches off my hair (3rd major chop now) and I couldn’t be happier about it 

9. I have a dream of being a buyer in retail of clothing or cosmetics 

10. I’m slightly obsessed with anything cinnamon roll related (especially those dang Taco Bell Delights!)

11. I’m a Netflix and Hulu fanatic. Who needs cable. 



1. If you had to save 3 of your things from a burning building what would they be?

My cat Mar, my drawer of highlighters (yes drawer), and my favorite purse from Spain. 

2. If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

A buyer for Sephora. I’d die and go to heaven every day at work. 

3. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest inspiration at the moment would have to be Michelle Obama. She has such a great mind filled with such influencial ideas and powerful words. Shines greater than just the presidents wife and truly made an image of her own. She does so much good in the world and is an amazing wife and mother. 

4. What is your favorite piece of clothing or accessory?

It’d be a toss up between sweatpants (any pair, hello comfort!) and my new Adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers. 

5. If you had to move to another country which one would you choose and why?

Italy; one word FOOD.

6. If your friends/family had to describe you in three words, what words would they be?

Loud, Shopoholic, Fun

7. Who is your favourite blogger and why?

My favorite blogger is Song of Style. She has such an eye for style and goes to the coolest places. Plus she’s super down to earth. 

8. What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

I went swimming with and held wild stingrays in the Grand Caymon Islands… right after Steve Irwin (the crocodile hunter) was killed by one. 

9. If you had to give your younger self some advise what would it be?

Don’t let others opinions shape who you want to be. 

10. What is on the top of your list for things you want to buy?

My dream vehicle: all blacked out Jeep Wrangler, four door, removable top, with tinted windows. One day she will be mine. One day. 

11. Where is one place you go that always makes you happy?

The beach. Sand and sunshine cures anything. 

My nominations:


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My questions for the nominees: 

1. What’s you biggest goal in life?

2. If you could have any power what would it be?

3. What’s one article (clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc.) you can’t live without?

4. What was the last picture you took with your phone?

5. What have you always wanted? Did you get it?

6. If you could be any age for a week what would it be?

7. If you had to choose one beauty product (makeup, skincare, etc.) for the rest of your life what would it be?

8. Biggest pet-peeve?

9. If you won a million dollar what would you do with it?

10. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

11. Would you rather have a million random followers or a 100 loyal followers?

I can’t believe I was nominated and I can’t wait to see all my nominees responses!

Kylie Cosmetics 🎉 Birthday Edition 

Kylie said there’d be lots of summer surprises and she wasn’t kidding! From the new shades of lipsticks, new glosses to match lipsticks, her first eyeshadow palette (with the hint of more this year), to her birthday surprises it seemed to never end!

There were so many great things in her birthday edition collection! It had a gloss, metal liquid lipstick, new lipkit, mini matte lipsticks, a first brow kit, and brand new creme shadows. Throw in a bag and it’s quite the set. To make it even cuter it was all in limited edition gold packaging. The only downside…limited edition and only available for a few restocks within a 10 day period. 

The Mini Mattes

These mini versions of the matte liquid lipsticks are so cute and perfect for on the go touch ups! The packaging is the limited edition gold Birthday Edition with the inside sleeve that slides out holding the 6 mini lipsticks. The lipsticks are also in the gold limited edition packaging.

This set has a great combination of shades especially for someone who wants to try them out for the first time. It has Exposed (a newer nude), Dolce K (one of the first shades released), Koko K (a light pink), Candy K (one of the other first shades released), Kristen (one of the new summer shades), and Leo (the newest shade released with the birthday collection).

These are much smaller in comparison to the full size lipsticks. Each mini contains 0.02 fl oz while the full size contains 0.11 fl oz.

The Makeup Bag

As part of the birthday collection Kylie released a makeup bag featuring the signature dripping lip on the front, the Kylie Cosmetics logo and a pocket on the inside, and a cute black K zipper. This bag is a good size being able to hold all the birthday collection in their boxes inside with some extra space.

The Leo Lipkit

This is the newest shade added to the matte liquid lipstick selection. Kylie said she was waiting for the perfect time to release a maroon color and her birthday was the perfect time (hence why the name is leo). This contained everything the normal lipkits do (lipstick and liner) but also with the limited edition gold drips/lid and box. Whether this shade will become permanent is unclear.

The Créme Shadows

This is one of the things I was most excited about in the collection! She released two shades: Rose Gold and Copper. These are in clear jars with “Kylie” on the front of them and the featured gold lids. They also came in the limited edition gold boxes. Each contains 0.18 oz/ 5g. It is also unclear whether these will become permanent, but my fingers are crossed for more shades!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

I was so excited about these I used Copper before getting a chance to take photos of them which is why it looks already dipped into.

I have been getting into cream shadows more and more and was super eager to try these out. These are so easy to apply and they truly stay on all day. Having slightly hooded eyes I am always concerned about creasing but these didn’t! They also have the most beautiful metallic reflect in the light (see the short video below).

The Kyliner

This was the other product I was really excited for! I tend to either wear no liner or a bold black cat eye but this sparkly brown just spoke to me. This Kyliner is almost like a eyeliner kit similar to the lipkits. This came with the pencil liner, gel liner, and angled liner brush. This is the first eyeliner released and it is unclear whether this will be permanent but from the sounds of it this isn’t the only one being released so I have a feeling it will be making its return. She has hinted at a black gel liner being released so I am sure it will be in a Kyliner kit like this one.

The pencil liner is extremely creamy and is similar to the lip liner consistency. The gel liner is really smooth and very easy to apply. The gel liner comes in a jar similar to the creme shadows and has 0.11 oz/ 3g. The liners also have small gold reflective specks in them that look beautiful on every eye color. The angled brush is alright, it’s nothing extraordinary or special but it isn’t bad. The bristles end is very thin making the product easy to work with.

The Gold Infused

Part of the collection also included a new gloss and metal liquid lipstick which are infused with real gold. Did this spark my interest? Not really but I love a gold lip. They both also have the gold packaging and boxing. I was curious to see if the gold would change the formula or consistency of the products. It did not thankfully.

The Metal Matte Lipstick

This new shade is named Lord. Although it may seem similar to King (a previous metal lipstick) they are very different, this one is a much more vibrant gold. This is very pigmented (one swipe swatch below) and looks amazing when the light hits it.

The Gloss

This new gloss is named Poppin’. Honestly this gloss is the worst one out of all of her glosses in my opinion. While it is still thick and glides on smoothly the pigmentation is lacking in comparison to her other shades. It is still really beautiful especially on top of other lipsticks. I have been wearing it on top of Maliboo (a new cool-toned nude part of the summer shades) and it looks very cool.

Below is a comparison of the gloss and metal along with a short clip showing how beautiful they are when they hit light.

Both Poppin’ and Lord are still available on!

The Drawstring

Everything came inside this cute free drawstring bag. While it’s nothing special or of high quality it was an unexpected pleasant surprise.

Although the majority of these products are no longer available there are high hopes that some of them will be returning. I really like all of these products and there were so many who were unable to get them so I would love to see them brought back for everyone to get the chance to enjoy!


Were any of you able to get any of these products? What do you thing of the surprise birthday collection? Let me know your thoughts by replying below!

Kyshadow Bronze Palette

Dang this was hard to get my hands on! With it selling out in a minute on each release you better be fast! There are many good and bad comments regarding this palette due to its simple palette packaging and dupeability. Not to mention the impossibility to get it. There aren’t many reviews on the actual shadows themselves so I was eager to try them out, especially since this is my everyday colors.

First and most importantly they pack this very well to ensure its safe arrival. The palette is in a cushion sleeve packed in between two thick cushion pads each folded in half inside the shipping box. I’d be very surprised if anyone received any cracked/broken shadows.

The packaging is cute. I love the use of her eyes going along with the theme of her lips on the lipkits. The box it arrives in is simple with a bronze shade on the top lid.

The blinking eye on the card is also adorable and original.

The palettes packaging matches the box it arrived in and is quite thin! The drips from the eyes correspond with the shades inside.

The inside has all nine shadows on one side and the Kylie logo (also on the front of the box) on the other side. The pans are a decent size too (1.40 grams each). The inside is a beautiful array of neutral shades perfect in any combination for endless looks. There are two shimmers (Quartz and Goldstone) and seven mattes. Each of the swatches below is a single swipe.  As you can see from the swatches they are all beautiful shades but the two darkest shades (Bronzite and Obsidian) are streaky and not the most pigmented. This means they will need to be built up to get the dark shade in the pan. But although they swatched patchy they actually applied very nicely! The rest of the shades are great; especially the shimmers. The shimmers are not intense so they’re perfect for a simple easy look. The formula itself is nice and isn’t chalky. They also blend well!

I do have the Morphe 35O which does have a lot of similar shades; it is also much cheaper with way more colors. So did I need this palette? No. I got this palette though for many reasons: to try the shadows, for more neutrals (you can never have enough!), and because this palette is perfect for travel or on the go.

Would I recommend this palette? Probably not just because of its price and easy dupeability. Don’t get me wrong though, I am extremely happy I purchased it and will be using it often.

This palette is sold exclusively through Kylie Cosmetics for $45.

What are your thoughts on the Kyshadows? Did you pick up the palette? Do you have any dupes? Reply below!

July Play! by Sephora box “Effortless Summer”

Sephora reminds me every month why they are my favorite monthly subscription. Every month I get amazing products (often new ones) at a generous size. For $10 you always get your moneys worth! Each month has a theme and they do a great job of picking products that fit perfect with that months chosen theme. I have been subscribed to this for almost a year now because I got to be a trial group to start receiving it first before opening it up to everyone. I have never been disappointed and this month might be one of my favorites so far.

This month included:

Ouai “Wave Spray”: can you say jackpot?! I already own the majority of Ouai products due to ordering them on their debut release day (see my post about them here) but the wave spray is my absolute favorite. Now that I have shorter hair it is basically the only product I use on it. When my hair is wet I spray a ton of it all over my head and let it air dry. It gives my hair body, beachy natural waves, and texture making it look done without having to do a thing to it. It doesn’t leave my hair crunchy or make it clump together. It is my holy grail hair product so getting a travel size was the best thing EVER! I wish I could buy more of these little bottles.

Nest Fragrances “Citrine”: I expected this to smell more citrus than it did but it is a nice refreshing scent that would be nice in the spring. I personally stick to my same staple perfumes so it’s hard to impress me with a new perfume; BUT Sephora has done it before with a sample they sent me in a box so I keep my mind (and nose) open to new ones.

beautyblender “blotterazzi”: I almost bought this..thank gosh I didn’t considering it alone costs more than the entire box ($20 for 2 pack). I personally am not oily but I wanted this for blotting my nose after wearing sunglasses and any sweat near my hairline to keep my makeup looking in place all day. It does its job but I don’t think it’s work the money. It’s pretty thin and flimsy; it also looks like it will fall apart or tear in a short amount of time. 

Benefit Cosmetics “Dew the Hoola Liquid Bronzer”: (some received Too Faced Chocolate Soleil powder bronzer) I own the full size of this bottle and I am not too crazy about it. See my post here. I do really like the powder but the liquid is more orange. Overall though it’s not a bad bronzer and having a travel size one is always handy.

First Aid Beauty “Pure Skin Face Cleanser”: (some received First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser) I really like their moisturizers but I found this face wash to be drying and left my skin feeling tight. It does a great job of actually getting the dirty and makeup off but just wasn’t right for my skin type. 

Smashbox Cosmetics “Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer”: (some received Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer) I own the Pore Priming one so I was happy to get this one and try something new. I found this primer to be effective at making my makeup apply smoothly and last all day without being drying. Two thumbs up!

Every months box also includes a Play! card. This card allows you to go into a Sephora and have a beauty advisor teach you how to use that months products. It also gives you an extra 50 points on any purchase! Every month also includes a booklet with information on each product that can be used with your Sephora app to unlock more information and see the product listing on the Sephora site.

Basically what I am telling you is GET THIS BOX! Snatch it up and never let go.You can sign up on the Sephora website; there was a waitlist but I am unsure if you still have to wait. For $10 you get amazing products from amazing brands shipped right to you every month, what more could you ask for?

Are you subscribed to Play! by Sephora? What is your favorite monthly subscription? Reply below!

Kylie Cosmetics Maliboo & Kristen Lipkits

When I heard Kylie Cosmetics was coming out with these two shades I immediately fell in love with them (especially Maliboo). She also came out with a third shade named Ginger at the same time, but I chose not to pick that one up.

I’ve written multiple posts previously on other shades and the formula. The formula is matte that dries quickly. It’s not super drying but it can feel drying if your lips are already chapped. It also lasts all day and through eating. I normally only need one touch up throughout the entire day (often the inner lip area where food or drink may have worn it away slightly). I think the biggest tip when using the lipsticks is to not apply too much, you only need a thin layer. As for the liners, I really like them. They are creamy and glide on so easily while doing a great job of keeping your lipstick from feathering out. Both the liner and lipstick are very pigmented as well making them easy to work with.

These shades come in the same packaging as all her other liquid lipsticks featuring the shade on the front and sides. Also with the name on the top. All lipkits come with the matching lipstick and liner. The product packaging is the same dripping look seen on the boxing. 

Maliboo is a cool toned nude. This shade gives me serious 90s grunge vibes.Kristen is described as a “warm brown berry”. It reminds me of a deeper fruit punch color. These shades are so beautiful and easily worn for any occasion. They can be an everyday shade or the perfect addition to your full glam look. In the swatch photo below you see the liner and lipstick for each shade. 

Both these swatch looks below are with barely any makeup just to show how easy they are to wear on a daily basis.

These shades are a great addition to any makeup collection. I am so happy I bought them and I’ve been wearing them (especially Maliboo) consistently since I got them.

These lipkits are $29 and are available exclusively through the Kylie Cosmetics website.


Did you pick up any of the new shades? What’s your favorite Kylie lipkit shades so far? Reply below!